The Reason for the Season

The Advent Season leads up to and culminates in the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Each week we review a step towards that awesome and remarkable event. It is a good time to pause and ponder the act that changed everything.


What appeared to be the ignominious birth of a Judean baby boy in a cave used to feed and shelter animals turned out to be the pivotal point in all history. As God the Son made Himself flesh and entered into His creation, the course of eternity was changed. The very nature of God, in a way, changed. Jesus was fully God and fully human. He still is today and will be forever albeit in a glorified body similar to the one we too will have someday very soon.

Jesus is the perfect bridge between the creation (humanity) and the creator (God). His birth set into motion a crucial phase in God’s plan for the redemption and salvation of humankind: His plan to pay the price for sin, His plan to banish pain, sickness, sorrow, and even death forever. God loves His creation. Humankind is the pinnacle of that creation and He loves us so much that He made Himself flesh and blood just like us, lived like us, went through the travails of life like us.

In the Son incarnate God experienced the joys, the hardships, the temptations of human life first hand. He also experienced the cruelty and depravity that we are capable of. And yet, He welcomed the opportunity to lay down His life for ours, to offer His life to pay for our sins. Christmas is a joyous celebration of that great love. Christ is the reason for the season! Let us contemplate that, and be a reflection of His great love to the world around us.

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