We Are Partially Open

Latest COVID-19 Updates

As we have resumed our live services, we would like to make sure we make one point extremely clear: we care about you! In everything we do, we aim to serve the Lord, and by His mandate you are the priority. This is not just a commercial statement, but simply the way we have been operating from the very beginning.

We want to spread the gospel, not the virus. Because we realize that the church serves a vital function in our lives, we have never stopped ministering and serving, but had to adapt to a new way of doing so. We never stopped the counselings, the helps, the messages, the worship and the hard work that goes into serving the Lord and you with the very best we can offer, with no compromises. We continue to offer weekly messages online for all whose who need or prefer to stay home.

What WE Are Doing to Keep You Safe

In summary, here are the steps we are taking to ensure everyone’s safety as much as possible:

  • Full cleaning and decontamination/disinfection of the church before each meeting.
  • Special attention to disinfecting restrooms and frequently touched surfaces.
  • All food preparation areas will remain closed until further notice.
  • For now, we are limiting our food pantry and monitor it by trained volunteers in order to minimize the chances of infection.
  • We use touchless dispensers for sanitizer and soap.
  • We sanitize all commonly touched areas between meetings.
  • We have established new cleaning procedure in accordance to approved practices.
  • We offer communion more frequently than usual, but only using self-contained units available immediately after hand sanitation. This avoids having to pass things around.
  • We do not collect offerings as usual, but we have an offering box at the entrance for easy access. Also, we encourage online and text donations in lieu of cash or check donations.
  • We limit the musical portion of the services to pre-recorded segments, as people singing must maintain a greater distance from anyone around them.

How YOU Can Help

The health and safety of everyone depends for the most part on you.

We are still limiting attendance at our services to 25% of the maximum capacity of the facility. Since we will not be using the fellowship room, for us this is even more limited. However, we have adopted a solution as follows:

  • Members and visitors planning to attend our services are encouraged to call our church number 401-603-3336 to reserve a seat.
  • If we reach maximum capacity in one service, we will inform you of the time and possibility of attending a second service.
  • We offer a second service, however, only if we have enough people interested in attending the service at the later hour.
  • Currently, we plan for the first service to be at 10:00a.m. with a possible second service at 11:30 a.m.
  • We will continue to post weekly messages on YouTube and Facebook.

Keeping the Distance

  • We know this is difficult, but no hugging, touching of close proximity before, during or after services. Please, respect this important limitation in a spirit of brotherly love. Besides, for a while we will have an 11th commandment:
  • We screen members and visitors at the entrance and check their temperature with a no-touch thermometer. We know this has been a controversial topic in some churches, and it is not done to “police” but to protect one another as the Lord would have us do. As things progress, we will revisit this requirement as needed.
  • Each member or visitor seeking to enter the facility will also need to answer basic questions to ensure they are not symptomatic.
  • We posted a strip of tape 6ft long at the entrance, and small strips on the floor to give a visual idea of the distance that we need to maintain.
  • Immediate family may sit together, but will need to be at least 6 ft from anyone else.
  • There will be no fellowship after services. Sorry, but not quite yet! It’s not safe yet.

Masks Required

  • Indoor air does not circulate as well as outdoors, and particulates from one person can linger in the air for several minutes. Therefore, we require everyone to keep appropriate face covering (over the nose as well as the mouth) for the entire duration of the services.

Hand Sanitation

  • We require the use of hand sanitizer immediately upon entering the facility. We provide automatic, no-touch dispensers for this purpose.
  • Immediately after sanitizing the hands, members and visitors may pick up their personal communion kit, which contains both of the elements (bread on the top layer and juice in the cup).

In Case of Infection

We have in place a plan to respond to the possibility of infection in people who have attended our services, and a separate plan in case of an outbreak.

These plans include appropriate contact tracing and communication with the individuals involved as well as with the RIDOH as required to keep all of you as safe as possible.

If you wish to know more or have questions, please contact us. We will do our best to answer any concern.