Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2021

Last night, at the stroke of midnight, we welcomed in a new year.  Isn’t it thought provoking that we always enter a new year in the middle of the night, in the darkness?  Last week we celebrated Christmas, the birth of the Savior of the world.  He was born into His creation in the dark of night: a dark time for the world, a dark time for His people. They were oppressed by an occupier of their land; oppressed by their religious leaders who, ignorantly or willingly, misread and applied God’s Word for their own benefit and standing.

The Light of the world came in our darkness to show us the way, the way to a life of fulfillment. Yes, even in the midst of all the trials and troubles that living in a dark world brings.  A life filled with the Hope, Joy, and Peace that can only come from God.  Jesus said His yoke was light, not burdened by the ever-increasing weight that sin brings to all who are slaves of and to it.  We are forgiven and free in Jesus Christ.  God’s Word is truly a “Lamp unto our feet,” lighting the way we must follow through the darkness.  It is a Light the rest of the world cannot see at this time. 

Shine brightly!

However, the world can see our reflection of the Light of Christ. It is the light the Holy Spirit shines in us as we live a Christian life.  As Christians let the Love that God has poured into their hearts and minds flow through and out of them, they reflect an image of the true God to those who see them.  The world can see the image of a caring, compassionate, loving, merciful God who loves humankind.

He loves us so much that He came, through His Son, to live a sin free life among us. He came to pay sin’s death penalty that we all have earned.  Such is the God that Christians have the awesome privilege of serving. We are to be salt and light to a world in darkness, even in the middle of the night. 

Jesus Christ is the Light, Hope, Joy, and Peace the world desperately needs!  Christians are the messengers of that awesome news, and the mirror that reflects Him.

Shine brightly!

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