Acquiring a Vision for Ministry

One of the most difficult things for a human being is to honestly and sincerely pray, “Your will be done!” These words call for a total surrender of our will to the Lord’s. Of course, this applies not only to our personal lives, but also to our vision for ministry.

Think about it. It does not make much sense to be able to say “Your will be done” in regards to the way we are in our family, but then turn it into “my program be done” when it comes to the way we “do” church. Our job and calling is not to establish our own programs and ministries. In fact, rather the opposite. Our calling is to crucify our ministry so we can participate in the work that the Lord is conducting. It is not easy to envision it nor to apply it. It is a total surrender to the truth that the Lord is the real head of the church, not us.

As challenging as it may be, however, it is our resolution to let our own ministries die and surrender ourselves corporately to the Lord. Our prayer is simple: “Your will be done. Please show us what You are doing so that we may be part of it as well.” It’s almost ironic, however, for it is just then that things really begin to happen. When we surrender our vision for ministry, the body of Christ really begins to grow toward Him in all things.

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