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Zalan Kovari, from Hungary
November 25, 2020
I am Kővári Zalán from Hungary.
I converted at the age of 15 (33 years) and began living as a Christian. My brother and sister are competing with me, they don’t want to let me go. Ever since our father died (since 8 years), they have want to rule over me.
The way to do this is through occult forces and demonic torment. Unfortunately, they found a strange congregation where they are supported. For example One of the pastors of this congregation has now been arrested for tax fraud and has been imprisoned. Thank you your pray.

Michele Angi, from RI
November 23, 2020
Please pray for my granddaughter. She is only 11 and will be having back surgery tomorrow for scoliosis. Please pray for the doctors hands and for comfort and wisdom for the family as they help her during her convalescence. Thank you.

Tessa Ingraham, from AZ
November 20, 2020
Prayer to continue being well and happy.

Tessa Ingraham, from AZ
November 20, 2020
A prayer for my mother Bridget in Graham. She is sick and her stomach is bothering her.

Michelle Santamaria, from RI
November 20, 2020 Update
I have shingles on my forehead, head and now in my right eye. I have a constant migraine on the right side of my head and eye. I am taking medication. I am going to see my eye doctor on Monday. Please pray that this virus goes away quickly, I get relief from the pain, and that there is no damage to my eye. Thank you and God bless.

Michelle Santamaria, from Rhode Island
November 16, 2020 Update
After talking to my doctor, I have to have a Covid test before she can treat me for my other issues. I’m hoping to get one tomorrow. In the meantime, my sinus infection is getting worse and I hurt all over. It looks like I am getting more Covid symptoms. I feel like a truck hit me. Please pray that the test comes back negative and that I feel better real quick. Thank you.

Michelle Santamaria, from RI
November 15, 2020
I need prayer for my immune system. I woke up yesterday with swollen glands behind my right ear and down my neck. Today I woke up with a staph infection across my forehead. Please pray for a quick and complete healing. Thank you.

Jonathan Grove, from PA
November 15, 2020 Update
Please continue to pray that Jesus Christ in His grace and mercy will help me find a wife, the help-meet who is right and best for me. I am worried that I will never get married and I need God’s mercy and help with finding the right Christian lady to marry. I really do desire a marriage that is blessed by God. Proverbs 18:22 says that he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. Please pray that Jesus Christ will make this verse from Proverbs become a reality in my own life soon and that Jesus Christ will help me be a good husband. Thank you for praying for me. May God bless all of you.

Nicole L, from Florida
November 12, 2020
I ask that you please pray that my family and I will be guided to the right attorney that will take my medical case, one that has supporting experts who agree with my doctors and will obtain a large settlement to take care of my medical needs and my family. Please watch over us all and support us financially through this transition time. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Tessa Ingraham, from Arizona
November 9, 2020
That November 11th and 12th goes very well for me and Delores Callahan. That I have protection of angels and I bring about peace in every situation.

Marc, from USA
October 31, 2020
I pray God for the peace and the reconciliation between the white people, the black people, the latino people and the asian people in USA by the Christianism. I pray God for all Christians in the country are brothers and sisters by Jesus Christ His Son.

Tessa Ingraham, from Arizona
October 31, 2020
I’m in recovery. I made a dent in housework my family is helping me. I’m only alright because I have my family. Later on I would like to seek employment. I hope God will open the door for me with employment. Also I need to keep my heart healthy, working on losing weight; I need to lose at least 92 pounds. I also want to continue having friendly mental health care and medical. I also have to work on not spending money and letting it carry over for another month. I can’t afford to give donations to churches like I’ve been doing, and later on I want to travel to Rhode island, with my sister Jane as a break from all the work I do.

Matthew P, from Philippines
October 29, 2020
Place pray that no part of our group’s property will be expropriated anymore in Jesus’ name, and for the anxiety regarding this issue to disappear. Thank you and God bless.

Ashera Beronicalos, from AZ
October 27, 2020
Prayers for family health to wholeness regardless of pains and improbable conditions, favor for work opportunities, and cleaning up bad sins.

Ronk, from CT
October 24, 2020
Prayers for my brother, Jim. His kidney function is down to 20% and he is preparing for dialysis (when function reaches the 15% level). He has doctors appointments in November to prepare his arm for and have the surgery for the dialysis port. He has injured his shoulder and they are preparing to move into a smaller, one level residence near his daughter, so she will be able to help his wife care for him. Looking for a place and preparing to move are very stressful on him and his wife Debbie. His bladder cancer has been in remission and hopefully his upcoming appointment with his doctor for that will have some good news. Please pray for his healing and for God’s peace for him and his family in this stressful time.

Patricia Stepp, from Massachusetts
October 23, 2020 Update
Thank you for praying for my pre-diabetes. I was able to get my AC1 down 1 point in 3 months. Please continue to pray that I can get it down 2 more points to 5.6. It is now at 5.8 and I still have pre-diabetes. My cardiologist told me also that I need to get my cholesterol down lower. My LDL is 82. It came down 14 points in 3 months. Thanks so much for your prayers. I know it was God that helped me to do this. He is our healer. We are dependent on him for good health and healing and someday these problems will be behind us.

John Swan, from CA
October 18, 2020
Please, pray for John and Chana Swan for reconciliation, healing and deliverance from deception, divorce, confusion, betrayal, fear, unforgiveness, unbelief, shame, and for Chana to only love her husband and for husband to love her as Christ loves the church. Pray for healing on the Swan family and deliverance.

Jamal Cheatham, from NY
October 13, 2020
Can you pray with me to get permanent custody of my son (7 year old) and my daughter (11 year old); because their mothers (two different women) are teaching them evil things in life. I want to raise my kids in Jesus Christ, and I’m praying for His divine grace (favor) to get permanent custody of my kids from their mothers.

MP, from PH
October 12, 2020
Please pray that our group’s lot won’t need to be expropriated anymore. Thank you and God Bless!

Angela Hughes, from KY
October 10, 2020
Please pray for my husband James the he would put the Lord first and listen to Jesus. That he would put the Lord first in our finances and honor our marriage. Pray that the Lord, would bless my husband’s work. that he would be diligent and prosperous and given favor both with the Lord and man. That he would be the head and not the tail. That everything he does prospers. Pray that he would have a heart of gratitude and remove the spirit of apathy, condemnation and unforgiveness. Pray that no weapon formed against us would prosper. That the Lord would give him wisdom, knowledge and discernment. Pray that the Lord would give him strength to walk into opportunities He provides. That the Lord would infuse his character with courage for daily decisions and heal the past wounds of my husband’s heart. Pray the Lord would guide my husband as the leader of our home, and help my husband’s parenting to reflect Jesus Christ to our children. May his leadership skills be empowered by the mind of Jesus.

Shravani, from India
October 10, 2020
Please pray for me and family as well as for my country India and pray for who ever has been suffering from Witnesses to the murder, sufferings pray for all this people in your daily prays.

Patricia Stepp, from MA
October 7, 2020
Please pray for my cousin, Dwayne. He is in the hospital with pneumonia and has a blood clot in his lungs and leg.

Meliton Favela, from TX
October 4, 2020
I have diabetes, glaucoma, high and low blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety, depression. I’m on dialysis, pray for the after effects. Tiredness, weakness in both legs, dizziness, shortness of breath, poor circulation in both legs, pain in right knee and both arms, body itching. I had surgery done on the bottom of my left foot. Pray that God has already healed my foot.

Nancy Corley, from RI
September 30, 2020
Please pray for my great granddaughter, Sinai. She is only 14 and is going through a very difficult time. She lost her grandmother, with whom she was very close, in May and is having a tough time coping. She is seeking guidance and could really use encouragement. Thank you.

Kenneth Wilson, from Arizona
September 29, 2020
Pray for the world health for divine health. Pray for all of my New relationships. I have cried some many times because of hurtful things in my relationship with my neighbor. Pray for my relationship with my next door neighbor for our relationship to grow stronger and better than it has ever been. Help us draw closer together than ever before. Pray that we won’t break apart for our love to be better than ever and her behavior and choices. Also pray for a miracle for our relationship to be more intimate. Pray for how my neighbor has treated me and how to love me more than before. Pray that nothing and no one will tear us apart. Pray for pulling down the strongholds and soul ties in her life. Stop all the wrongful and hurtful things that have been destroying our relationship. Set my neighbor free from the world of the enemy, from bad company and influences, from soul ties, and the things of the world. Pray that my neighbor won’t leave me and to bring us together each day.

Kenneth Wilson, from Arizona
September 29, 2020 Update
Pray for our Country the United States of America to humble ourselves and turn to God, turn from some much wicked way and mercy for our country as it comes to war. Pray for all the people and over the whole country’s health. Pray for Israel and the Jewish people. Pray for the family of those who lost loved ones. Pray for peace and comfort during this difficult time. Pray for my family and for those who are sick for healing. Pray for my mother and my father and their health, deliverance from alcohol addiction and needs. Pray for my older sister’s life and her husband, for her two daughters and three sons. Pray for my nephew. Pray for my little sister and her friend. Pray for my brother for godly wisdom and salvation. Also pray for his girlfriend and his two baby sons for protection. Pray for my cousin Marroldine’s eye, my three uncles Alfred, Calvin, and Arthur also for my auntie’s friend Darlene’s health for divine healing.

Chuch, from US
September 29, 2020
I am desperate for God’s help and attention. Please agree with me in prayer. Father I come in Jesus name and blood. Because in my own name and blood I am neither worthy nor known. Be merciful to me the sinner! And forgive my every debt and sin towards You. As You have shown mercy to Nineveh show mercy to me oh God. As you have helped Your servants in the Bible help me oh God. I know that in the Bible You have been shown to have the highest authority; within an instance of Your voice the universe was created. And whenever You healed the sick it was done immediately after You spoke a word. So I know that these prayers will be heard and my life will be changed for Your glory just as fast. I have have several spoken requests and fourteen unspoken requests that You know oh Lord. I pray Father You may grant them both. My spoken requests is that God may save, protect, and bless my marriage now and forever, we need Your help God. In Jesus’ name amen.

Angela, from KY
September 29, 2020 Update
Gracious God. We love you. You are the center of our joy and the strength of our lives. We pray against the spirit of anti Christ, false witness, terrorism, idolatry, sexual immorality, sorcery, witchcraft, hatred, wars, pestilences, famine, divination and violence. We pray that the spirit of darkness be lifted from America and the scales would be lifted from peoples eyes, that they may see the truth and be set free. We pray that the ancient foundations of America be not removed and that you would bring men and women to a place of repentance and forgive our sins. We ask that you surround president Trump with godly council and that all elected officials and world leaders will have wise counsel and have a heart for God. We ask that you will forgive the sins of our land and heal our land. Have mercy on us all. Grant us your peace and direction. We pray for revival in our hearts and churches. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and healing for all of those affected by the corona virus.

Jessica M, from Michigan
September 24, 2020
Please pray for me. I have severe debilitating tinnitus. It’s very loud and my ears hurt. I cry every day and night. Please pray that Jesus will heal me. Thank you.

Juana, from RI
September 21, 2020
Please, pray for my niece Elisha. She is very young, but is suffering from a number of ailments, including sickle cell anemia, an aneurysm in her head, and a number of other health problems. She also just started bleeding from her nose. Thank you for your prayers on her behalf.

Dona Lombardi, from RI
September 19, 2020
Please prayer for three young teens, who lost their Mother this summer after a long battle with cancer. Just this past Friday their Father died of a heart attack! The 3 children left behind are : Erik, Joy, and Alex.

Karen, from RI
September 17, 2020
Please pray for my friend Marcelle. She has been having some strange pains lately. She recently had an x-ray and scan which showed swollen lymph nodes in various parts of her body. She will see an oncologist tomorrow. Please pray for her and her family as they go through this very difficult and scary trial. Praying for healing, wisdom and comfort.

Steve Joanan, from India
September 14, 2020 Update
Please pray for me as I am facing problems in my studies and now I am studying in 12th standard. Pray for me that God should bless me with good wisdom and also God should give me good memory power. As God is the source of knowledge and there is nothing impossible for my Jesus and I need yours support in prayers. Also pray for my financial blessings because my whole family are facing financial problems. If anything God reveals about me so please share it with me. Please pray for me as I need your support in prayers. Please please pray for me. Thank you.

Patricia Stepp, from Massachusetts
September 13, 2020 Update
Please pray for my aunt Virginia. She is undergoing radiation treatments starting, Monday, September 14 for cancer. The treatments will last for 7 weeks and 3 days. Please pray that she is completely healed. Thanks for praying for her during chemotherapy. She made it through those treatments alright. Thanks.

Elizabeth, from Australia
September 13, 2020
Hi my name is Elizabeth and I’m desperate for healing. I experienced severe vertigo on Saturday and I’m still recovering now. It’s the 3rd time in my life I’ve had it. I’ve also been diagnosed with vestibular migraines and have had balance issues for 4 years. I also still have ringing in my left ear This has greatly impacted my life. There is nothing the doctors can do for me. I just want healing and deliverance from this. May it never return. Please also pray for emotional healing for me as it’s traumatic to go through this.

Kathleen H, from OH
September 9, 2020
For Joni’s deliverance from Facebook, alcoholism, for her marriage, for her to show love and affection to Ashley her husband for deliverance from bipolar anger lust.

Seth, from VA
September 7, 2020
Please pray that the Lord will give me a deeper understanding of the cross and it’s full implications for my life. I have many areas of my life that I have not seemed able to change. Pray for clear revelation into the power of the cross, the power of Christ’s atonement, to deliver me from deeply entrenched sin habits and bad patterns. Pray that I will understand how to apply the cross to changing every area of my life. Pray that I will be able to change, not through my own works, or psychological methods (even if they work), but by the power of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ alone. Thanks for your prayers.

Seth Pociask, from LA
September 7, 2020
The first prayer request I have is for a financial miracle. The second is for a healing of tinnitus of my right ear. The third concerns a special lady I have back in my life after many years, someone whom I have known nearly my whole life. Recently we have been back in contact with each other. I am not asking that God perform some kind of mind control on her to make her have the same feelings for me as I have for her. That would be an extremely selfish prayer, be completely unfair to her, and besides for God to take away the gift of her free will means He would be contradicting Himself. But that is not my prayer. What I am asking of God is that this lady always has had feelings for me, but that through the course of life those feelings that were once in her conscious have now been buried in her subconscious, but that God would reactivate those feelings back into her daily conscience. Thank you for listening to my prayer request. Miracles and blessings.

Henrietta, from UK
September 4, 2020
Please pray for Anthony and me (Henrietta) to be born again, saved and please pray for us to love the truth and endure so as to be saved.
Please pray for us to be delivered from Satan’s evil spirits and our own perverted lusts, please pray for deliverance from sexual immorality and for willingness to forsake our sins and be forgiven. Please pray for us to be filled and led by the precious Holy Spirit and please pray for us be doers of the word not just hearers and for us to seek the Lord and his righteousness and be believing. Please pray for us to seek the Lord Jesus and his righteousness and love the true Lord and his people and fellowship with Christians. Please pray for us to marry each other next year and for it to be blessed by God, and for us to love and forgive each other.

Marie Grace, from AK
August 31, 2020
Please plead the blood of Jesus over myself, son, this property, the entrance ways, our beds, and rooms. Please pray for the angelic forces from heaven to surround this house, our rooms our property to keep home invasions out, property invasions out. We are absolutely protected. Please pray that Raewyn, Dean and Marie will live and not die and declare the works of the Lord.

Charles Fredericks, from India
August 30, 2020
Please pray for salvation of Mary and her children and for deliverance from witchcraft.

Anand Masih, from India
August 26, 2020
I am Anand Masih from India. I was brought up is a very religious Christian family. I am 35 years old and a small private teacher and christian preacher. There are 3 Members in my family. Last year my father had paralysis attack so I borrowed money from 2 persons, after lock down i lost my job. Now they are threatening me. Daily I have to listen their bad words and I am tired of compromising with my self respect. I fear from insult. My mother is heart patient and there is no hope. I don’t want to die. I have to do many works I have to do works for my parents also. But I can not bear this burden. I tried to sell one of my kidneys but there are no genuine buyer they cheated me also. Yesterday night I wrote a suicide note. I prayed a lot and I am praying. I have faith sir. But my heart is broken. I never tell a lie. I never cheat anybody. I always pray. But I want to die now. Please pray.

Kathleen H, from OH
August 26, 2020
For Joni: deliverance from alcohol, bitterness, selfishness, alcoholism, for to show her husband intimacy, love, compassion, and for her to be rooted and grounded in church; for her husband Ashley for Charlie’s healing of cancer.

Lokesh, from India
August 25, 2020
Please pray for me: I have been suffering from the hip (right leg joint) and back pain radiating to buttocks (bursitis trochanterica). I have pain difficulty in walking due to stiffness and also slight inflammation. Please pray for me to heal quickly and relieve stiffness and pain. Also, I’m suffering from indigestion (gas). I had a vehicle skid due to which skin abrasions in knee and foot which is taking time to heal and there is a pain.
There is a non-healing wound in the leg (calf) which not able to heal. Please pray for me to heal and restore my condition.

Seth, from VA
August 24, 2020
Please pray that the Lord will significantly increase my pay. My rent is low, I’m living frugally, and I’m hardly able to eat or drive to work every other week. After several interviews I was hired, and I drove across the US to work at this ministry. It’s a blessing, but I don’t think they realize how low my pay is. Also, pray that the Lord will open up a second job that doesn’t conflict with this one. Thanks for your prayers.

Suzanne, from Rhode Island
August 22, 2020
Please pray for our daughter Elisabeth. She will need to undergo a surgery on her kidney to remove stones that are giving her constant pain and kidney and bladder infections. The doctors say there is a chance she may lose kidney function whether they do the surgery or not. This same surgery was done over ten years ago with serious problems afterward. Please pray for wisdom for all involved and for her His healing hand on her body. Thank you.

Naomi B., from Rhode Island
August 21, 2020
Your prayers are requested for Steve, who was taken to the ICU earlier today. The doctors think he may have had a seizure, but that won’t be confirmed until after he has an MRI tomorrow. His vitals are good, but he is agitated and not very responsive. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Naomi B., from Rhode Island
August 21, 2020
Please pray for Dan and Alix and their family who moved to Burkina Faso a few years ago. Recently they returned to the U.S following an outbreak of Covid-19 where they were living. Since coming back they have been facing a number of trials, including securing permanent housing (they are presently staying in an extended stay hotel), as well as the hospitalization of their eldest daughter, Naomi, following her becoming very sick with the cause still unknown (although she seems to be responding to antibiotics at the present time). The family reports that the stress of their emergency return to the US has additionally triggered in their son some serious mental health issues that were latent, so they would appreciate prayers for a sound mind, for the right specialists to cross their path, and for healing from God.

Asheen Singh, from South Africa
August 17, 2020
Trusting Jesus praying Celeste and myself Asheen can become husband and wife without anyone interfering and trying to break us apart, like her ex boyfriend and his friends who keep harassing us and won’t leave us alone in peace. We just want peace and to be left alone and God’s favour over our relationship and marriage to come.

Raju K, from India
August 13, 2020
Praise the Lord. Dear loving God, for the past few months we have been going through serious troubles, depression and loneliness. There is no peace and happiness between me and my wife Raja. It was all because of our and my sins and I accept and repent all the sins and disobedience that I had committed against you. My wife is not understanding me and I tried all my best to be at peace with her but she was not at all responding. She is away from now. I pray at Your feet to change my wife’s mind and kindly reunite, rebuild, restore and root our relationship in Your everlasting love so that we be an example to many and a blessing to the people around us. Please God I need your help. Please don’t forsake us. I also pray for our spiritual growth and for our jobs in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Louis, from Rhode Island
August 10, 2020
Recently I lost my job. I need prayers for God’s wisdom and guidance in my next steps. Thank you.

Michael Zuccolotto, from CA
August 8, 2020
Please pray for an increase in faith for myself and my son Matteo, in Jesus’ name.

Jamal Cheatham, from USA
August 7, 2020
I’m asking you to pray with me that God will allow me to see and speak to my 7 year old autistic son. I’m asking that God will turn this whole situation around into my favor. I’m asking that God will allow my son to come live with me so that I can raise him in Jesus Christ. Plus, pray that his mother don’t move to Georgia.

Jacquelyn Jacobson, from US
August 7, 2020
I have confessed all of my sins to God and repented. I pray to God for complete and total forgiveness. I pray to God for deliverance from the hands of Satan. God, please dissolve all of my sins with your mercy and the light of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Jude Pereira, from India
August 6, 2020
Please pray for me as I require a job urgently. I am constantly following with my job agency lady she saying it will take time I require that job urgently as I am facing a lot of challenges. Please pray for me that I get the call for the interview and get selected with deserving salary. Please pray for me that get the job urgently as the days are going challenges will keep increasing. Please pray for me that I should get the job breakthrough.