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Patricia Stepp, from MA
August 21, 2019
Please continue to pray for Scooter. Her heart is still not strong enough to please the doctors. She has rehab for another month, but the doctors want to put in a pacemaker and a defibrillator. She is asking God for healing and wants to avoid surgery if possible.

Patricia Stepp, from Massachusetts
August 16, 2019
Please pray for Janie. She had a kidney transplant and is not feeling well. Because of the transplant she easily gets sick.

Charles Minai, from Kenya
August 15, 2019 Update
Please pray for me that God would hear and answer my prayers and God to give me the desires of my heart and a prudent wife to marry, God willing , and God to grant me to live forever in heaven in Jesus Christ name.

Laxmi Chhabra, from India
August 14, 2019
Please pray for my mommy Laxmi Chhabra who was admitted in hospital from three months that she breathes normally, and that her heart rate and oxygen and respiratory rate may be normal. Pray that her brain and central nervous system is healed by God’s grace, and that she walks and sits on her own. Please pray that she may eat and drink though her mouth and her food pipe may be removed, and that she may start talking normally. Please, pray my mom gets her discharge and we treat her at home. And that God gives us and doctors a way out to treat my mother and show us a path to find finances for it.

Rentsamo, from India
August 13, 2019 Update
Please pray for my marriage restoration. My wife and I are living seperately for 5 and half years. I have tried to bring her back in my life but she is not willing to come back. I am so scarred and worried and I don’t know what to do. We don’t communicate at all. I love her so much. Our marriage is on the brink of a break. Please pray for my wife so that Jesus can touch her heart. I am so broken. I need help. Thank you.

Patricia Stepp, from Massachusetts
August 12, 2019 Update
Dr. Adams says thank you for your prayers. He is feeling better. He has gastro paresis from surgery he had on his esophagus and experiences frequent nausea. His wife found some medications that help this condition. Praise God for His intervention.

Toru Nagai, from Aichi, Japan
August 12, 2019 Update
Prayer request for family protection from Proverb 6:16 wrongdoer Japanese groups. Even an American lady had to move for four times because of persistent tailing and harassment, but luckily she went to grad school in Monterey, California, and left Japan. An American expat family was stolen his memo from daily garbage before the city collected it here in Japan. I hope that stolen trash wasn’t take to abuse, misuse, or intrude our human right, and privacy.

Angela Lukavsky, from Missouri
August 11, 2019
Prayers for a miracle, protection from heavier doses of chemo, good news, and to uplift my son in law, Joshua Dale Watson’s mood and health…. Josh is fighting brain cancer tumor. He is a husband and has four small children. Josh is 36 years old.

Patricia Stepp, from Massachusetts
August 8, 2019
Please pray for Scooter. Her heart is only functioning at 20%. The cardiologist has to adjust her medications because heart has only been beating 40 beats per minute. Please also pray that the Lord will give the doctor wisdom to know whether she needs a pace maker. She has always had a slow heart beat.

Nancy Corley, from RI
August 7, 2019
Please pray for my great granddaughter Nova. She is only 1 year old and she keeps pounding her head against the wall and hurting herself when upset. An intervention will be held today to help doctors find out why she is doing this. Thank you for your kind prayers.

Anonymous, from United States
August 7, 2019
Please pray for the LORD to heal generational mental and physical illnesses in my family bloodline. Please pray that there will be no more tragedy or premature deaths in the family. Please pray that the family members that are in need of a miracle will receive their breakthrough. Please pray that the LORD will keep a strong hedge of protection around us at all times and keep us safe from evil. Please pray for the salvation of my unsaved relatives and better family communication. Please pray that my family will have a legacy for Christ.

David C., from France
August 6, 2019
Lord, for persecuted Christians and for those who fight in the name of human rights against injustices of sectarian power, we pray to You. Lord, your church must often uphold values ​​of dignity, justice and peace. We pray that men, all men, are kind and welcoming to a word of love and peace.

Tammy, from MA
August 6, 2019
Praying I will no longer be abused, homeless, and jobless or falsely accused of things l didn’t do. In Jesus name.

Cheri, from RI
August 5, 2019
Please, pray for Cathy Harrington. She is in the hospital for fluid around her heart, and won’t be home until the fluid is gone. Thank you.

Francia Gartzke, from Oregon
August 3, 2019
I would like prayer for an extreme case of indigestion/GERD. Thank you in advance!

Denise, from West Warwick, RI
August 1, 2019 Update
I would like to thank the great Physician we have in God and all of those who prayed for my mother, Dorothea. We just got word today that surprised even her doctor, SHE IS CANCER FREE!!! My mother will have to go back for testing every three months for the next two years but at this moment there is no cancer. Thank you all so much.

Rosetta, from RI
July 31, 2019 Update
I have good news. Rodney and his case manager called. The Mosaic Sober House has a bed. Rodney may be moving there Friday. God is so good. It’s the best one in Providence. This is a new chapter for my son. Please keep praying for him to draw closer to God, and to stay clean and away from drugs and drinking. And any temptations. Please, pray that he may stay motivated to go to the meetings, to keep taking his meds and get proper rest and establish proper sleeping patterns; that he may sleep at night and stay busy with good things to do during the day, that he may continue to have good meals, and proper supervision. Pray that he may have proper good clean friends that are also on the road to healing and recovery, and for Rodney to have a personal relationship with Jesus and testify of His goodness. Pray for it to spread to all around him and spread to his sisters and brothers-in-law. Also, please pray for the right woman meant for my son, for a man of God for Rosita, and for Kalena and Mike to see God’s hand. Thank you.

Yert Yeet, from Bulgaria
July 31, 2019
My wife is not ok, I need your prayers.

Anonymous, from FL
July 28, 2019
Salvation for family and friends. Deeper faith and love for Miranda and her three girls: Madison, Madeline, Meredith. I have 3 big tests coming up. I have to preach a sermon on August 17; God have mercy. Car repairs and dental work. More love for others. Jamia, Tyson, Ivan, Karen, Amy, Angie, and Aaron are Buddhists – that God would speak to them in a special way. Thanks.

Pasquale, from ITALY
July 28, 2019 Update
I ask for prayers for the health of my seriously ill father Pasquale. I am confident in your prayers.

Charles Minai Murira, from Kenya
July 28, 2019 Update
Please, pray for the family of Alice and our businesses and properties, that God would protect and deliver our lives from the devil and all evil, from witchcraft and sorcery, and from disease and sickness. Please, pray that God may protect our belongings from thieves, looters, land grabbers, and corrupt government officials, and that God may punish our enemies that want to kill of destroy our lives. Please, pray that God may lead us to repentance and salvation, and help us live forever in heaven with our late father Stephen Ritho.

Charles Minai Murira, from Kenya
July 28, 2019
Pray for me, that God would hear and answer my prayers and give me the desires of my heart, and a prudent wife to marry, God willing.

Nancy, from RI
July 26, 2019
Please pray for the family of my long-time friend Kimberly. She recently died of an overdose and left four young children orphans. Thank you.

Toru Nagai, from Aichi
July 26, 2019 Update
Condolence prayer request for Dalisa McLean, student at the International University of Japan, Kwarteng, and Joey Alcantara coworker at Wouters & Associates in Tokyo with deepest sympathy from all classmates, professor, and coworkers. Also please pray for family protection from wrongdoer Japanese groups. Whenever buying food and utensil for church staff here in Japan, they intimidate us and threat us at supermarkets, stores etc. Even American expat family was stolen his memo from trash before city collect them here in Japan. I hope that stolen trash won’t be used to abuse, misuse, violate our human rights and privacy. Fanatical harassment still continues here in Japan, originating in a bitter spirit from Japanese fighter plane air raid bombing attack in Darwin Australia without notice in 1942.

Sandeep Yadav, from India
July 18, 2019
Please, pray for my family’s long time financial and health problems. Please pray for my life.

Valeri and Brad Newsham, from LA
July 17, 2019
Heavenly Father,
Anoint the prayers and scriptures I sent to Brad. Thank you for using me a vessel to minister to him. Give him ears to hear and eyes to see. Soften his hardened heart to receive your Holy Spirit. Forgive him of his sins both known and unknown. Place a hedge of protection around him. Renew his mind, body, and spirit. Under the authority of my Lord Jesus Christ, I seek supernatural provision in this relationship. I seek blessings and favor upon us. Strengthen our bond and increase our love for one another. Thank You for Brad. Cover our relationship and my prayers for him in Your precious blood, Lord Jesus. Surround Brad with Godly men in his path. Give him knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of your word. Bless him abundantly. It is your will for us to prosper. No weapon the enemy forms against Brad or our relationship shall prosper. When Brad reads the prayers and scriptures I sent him, awaken Your spirit, in Jesus Name.

NOTICE: Our offices are temporarily closed, and will open again on July 16. Please, notice that all prayer requests sent before that date will be published after July 16. God bless you.

Karen, from RI
June 27, 2019
Please, pray for my aunt, who is dying. Hospice said she has most likely 24 to 48 hrs. They moved her room and she is right across from my mother (her sister). My mother is not doing well herself. She just got out of the hospital for an infection and is losing the use of her right hand. She has not been eating much in the last week. My other aunt, who is 97, is also in the hospital, due to her gallbladder and liver not functioning right any more My heart is so heavy. I am doing a lot of walking and standing at the nursing home daily, and my knee (I had a surgery not long ago) is such a burden. Thank you all so much!

Arti, from Australia
June 26, 2019
Please, pray that my friend Sobhna starts on talking terms with me and our friendship grows. All enmity gets vanished and we are on good terms.

Rentsamo, from India
June 26, 2019
Please pray for my marriage restoration. My wife and I are living separately for 5 years. I have tried to bring her back in my life but she is not willing to come back. I am so scarred and worried and I don’t know what to do. We don’t communicate at all. I love her so much. Our marriage is on a brink of a break. Please pray for my wife so that Jesus can touch her heart. I am so broken. I need help. Thank you.

Randy Bloom, from TN
June 21, 2019
Please, pray for one of our pastors in NY State, Verne Seekings. He found our that his left kidney has a malignant tumor. He is scheduled to have his kidney removed on July 5. The other kidney is fine and the doctors are very encouraging about a positive outcome. Thank you for your prayers on his behalf.

Kanyisa, from South Africa
June 21, 2019
Please pray for me. I always dream having sex in my dreams. Please pray that this evil be scattered in the name of Jesus.

Brenda Morris, from AL
June 21, 2019
Please pray that I may find a place to stay before it’s to late. Pray that my income comes in time, and for my health problems, and that I find my wallet also that i sell all the furniture in the house also that i find someone to love me for me and have a family of my own.

Virendra, from India
June 21, 2019
Praise the Lord Jesus. My mother has undergone ovarian malignancy cancer surgery in 2017 very successfully by blessings of your valuable prayers. But now, due to clotting of blood in brain , she has lost her memory and is unable to speak with others. So she doesn’t take post surgery chemotherapy due to global aphasia (brain problem). But now in CT scan report of abdomen and pelvis, unfortunately cancer cells start to grow very fast in her operated areas of ovary in body. I am begging you for your valuable prayers for further treatment of cancer to destroy cancer cells in my mother’s body and recovery from brain problem also. Thank you for your valuable prayer support and blessings.

Pastor Thieringo, from USA
June 21, 2019
That protection and prosperity may be in pastor Thieringo’s life, in Jesus’ name.

Pheng Hong, from Singapore
June 21, 2019
I need your prayers for my mother who has heart trouble and breathing difficulties. She needs Jesus’ healing touch. Your prayer will make a difference. Her name is Gin Luan.

Benjamin Mansell, from Australia
June 19, 2019
I pray that the love of Jesus Christ over fills and over flows in your life. I pray for healing, and the real love of Jesus Christ, to be reflected in all of your life. I pray for blessings in your health, peace in your heart and over flowing joy in all your friendships.

Shereese Clark, from New Jersey
June 19, 2019
Please, pray for me. I need money to buy a home for my family. Thank you.

Michelle Santamaria, from RI
June 14, 2019
My friend, Richard, who is in his early 50’s, had a heart attack this morning. It was 100% blocked in what is called the “widow maker” and only 20% of people survive this. Please pray that the doctors have corrected the problem and he is completely healed. And for God’s comfort and peace for his wife and family.

Deepak Gaikwad, from India
June 14, 2019
Please pray for me because my situation is terrible. My life is about to end. Every day my head is full of pain. And dizziness is coming having suffered from this problem for five years. Nobody can give me health. As the last option I have chosen death. I not recover from this illness, then I’m sure I’m going to die. So far, I have been checking from 50 doctors but no one understands. I have no other choice but to die.

Sony, from Maharashtra, India
June 13, 2019
Please, please pray for urgent financial blessings on me and my family and that I don’t loose my house. Please pray that our Lord blesses my husband Vinod with plenty of business work, finances and success in his work and keeps him safe always. Thank You.

Brian Sperling, from Texas
June 3, 2019
Please pray for the Lord to protect us as we drive down to Mexico to visit my wife’s family. There are drug gangs that drive through the town at times and there are no police there. Thank you.

Ernest Johnson Udom, from Nigeria
June 2, 2019 Update
I am in debts, facing poverty, attacks from enemies, aloneness. Please pray that God should take them away and also take away sickness and death from me.